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Robert Smith is a well-known billionaire and philanthropist. He has been using his money and influence to assist the people around him. As the Vista Equity Partners chief executive officer, Robert Smith promised that he would pay the student loans for the Morehouse’s students who graduated in 2019. Currently, he has come up with an internship program that is meant to assist students who are ethnically underrepresented.

The internship program has been dubbed Intern X, and it is helping to connect students who have a GPA of 2.8 and above. The interested parties will be connected with STEM-related positions at firms in all industries. The eight-week initiative will offer opportunities in different sectors, including marketing, finance, real estate, and software, according to the information that has been posted on the website. Some of the companies that are participating include Price Waterhouse Cooper, AT&T, Citi, Deloitte, and Visa Equity Partners.

The website has gone ahead to note that the employees are going to provide housing and relocation assistance. Additionally, the people who have been selected will receive mentorship, payment, “robust assignments,” and networking opportunities. The program is a branch of the Smith’s Fund II Foundation, and its primary mission is advancing social change while creating an American legacy that is enduring.

During May, the commitment was on display when Robert Smith was serving as a commencement speaker at Morehouse College. The graduates were happy to get the surprise of their life.

Smith noted that eight generations of his family had spent their life in the country, and he felt that it was time to make some changes. Robert Smith understands some of the challenges that people face after completing their college studies. As a result, Smith felt the need to chip in and assist some of these college students in paying off their student loans. More than 400 graduates will gain from the initiative by Robert Smith. He is confident that the beneficiaries of these programs will extend a helping hand to their colleagues in the future. There is the need to ensure that each class gets a similar opportunity to move forward since the main focus is on taking care of our community. As a philanthropist, Robert Smith is indeed making great moves, and he is also inspiring many people in the process.